Building OurOwl box

In Autumn 2018 on a rainy day we set about building a box for Tawny Owls using this design from It was a relatively easy thing to do.

Grandad had bought us some plywood and Dad had all the other bits we needed. If you are going to do this you will need things like:

A hammerA drillA sawA rasp (or sandpaper)A tape-measureA ruler (to make your lines straight)NailsScrews if you want your roof to come off easilySomething waterproof for the roof (we used roofing felt)Sawdust for inside the boxA workhorse is also useful unless you want to cut the kitchen table!

First we measured out all the pieces and dad made us double check everything (we got them all correct first time!!)

Then Dad used the saw to cut them out carefully and we used the rasp to smooth the edges off so that the owls didn't get splinters

(The entrance hole is a bit tricky but we have realised that just having a slot the width of the box if fine)

We used the hammer and nails to put it all together (carefully missing Dad's fingers)

After we had finished we made sure we brushed up our mess before Mum got home from work!

Done with the cutting and nailing (and an owl has moved in already!)

A few days later when the rain had finally stopped we took the nest box outside and painted it with waterproofing. Dad also put some roofing felt on top, but you will see for later photos that he didn't do this very well!

All painted and ready to go. We also added a stick for the owls to balance on.

Finally, we had finished the owl box and all we had to do was put this up. On new year's eve we eventually got Dad up a ladder to put the box in our ash tree. It was a bit wobbly up there, so we would suggest you put it up on a day that isn't too windy.

This is our finished owl box up the tree