About Tawny Owls

How big are Tawny Owls?

Tawny Owls are 37 - 39 cm in length

They usually weigh 330 - 590g

They have a wingspan of 94 - 104 cm

What do Tawny Owls Eat?

Tawny owls will eat a wide variety of different foods. Here are some of the things that they will eat:

Small rodents (mice and voles)

Small birds



They even eat frogs, fish and newts!

(If you want to see what they eat go to our videos page)

Tawny Owl Appearance

Tawny Owls feathers are a range of different colours including: black, brown, cream/buff, grey, orange and white

Their legs are usually white or brown

Their beak is black, short, hooked and chunky

Where do you find Tawny Owls?

Tawny Owls can be found in most of Scotland, Wales and England but not Ireland.

They will live in woods, gardens and parks.

They hunt at night so you will usually hear them rather than see them.

Tawny Owl Babies

Tawny Owls lay their eggs in holes in trees and will also use nest boxes like ours.

Baby Tawny Owls are called Owlets.

A mother owl will usually lay 2-5 eggs in March or April.

Tawny Owlets will sometimes leave the nest even before they can fly.

What do Tawny Owls sound like?

The male makes a Hoo hooo hooooo sound which you would probably recognise as an Owl Hoot.

The female makes a shrill Ke-wick.

If you are lucky you can hear them calling to each other.

You can find some recordings of Tawny Owls here.